Trinity Day School was established in 1959 to create a comfortable learning environment based on Christian values, as a daily outreach of the church. Since that time, TDS has made the supported growth of our youngest community members its primary goal. We believe that every child is an individual and should be allowed and encouraged to discover their own self.

Our unique pre-school programs serve children ages 2.5-Pre-Kindergarten age, offer small classes, experienced teachers and support staff, an involved parents’ committee, educational, fun toys and bright, interesting classrooms. The curriculum has been carefully designed to combine structured activities and free time in order to build self-image, encourage cooperation and interpersonal skills, develop small and gross motor coordination, offer pre-reading and pre-math instruction, and make learning fun. Among the school’s many activities are nature studies, creative art projects, music, yoga, plenty of outdoor time, field trips, holiday concerts and parties, cooking, service projects, and much more.

We place great value on outdoor activities. We have recess several times each day. Our large playground is a great place for developing social skills, problem solving, and expressing creativity. Children can move freely on the playground and continue gaining self-confidence as their gross motor skills develop. We utilize our campus for walks and projects focusing on nature.

All are welcome, regardless of religion, origin, background or ability.

To learn more about any of Trinity Day School’s programs, please call: Jessica Williams, Director at 215-297-5510 or e-mail at