Summer Camp

We know how hard it can be to find a summer program for your 3-5 year old, so we've created our own!! These two week-long sessions will provide fun and education that is appropriate for the preschool age group. Morning sessions from 9 AM-12 PM, healthy snack provided each day. Camp groups are limited. Registration for Summer 2019 has not yet begun.

Session 1: June 17-21st

Session 2: June 24-28

Session 3: July 1-5 (no camp July 4)



Trinity Day School’s ToddlerGrow program provides a caring introduction to the school learning experience with an emphasis on socialization. Your child will be provided a gentle and encouraging atmosphere for learning, allowing them to feel comfortable with their new independence. Children must be 2 ½ years of age by September 1st, and potty trained. (Date of birth must fall between 9/2 and 3/2).

We also offer a January start, with students being 2 ½ by January 1st, and potty trained.

At this age, children want to play and explore the world around them. We want to embolden that curiosity and focus it into exciting new learning activities. Students are encouraged to accomplish meaningful tasks that challenge their developing capabilities. The program provides a variety of concrete learning experiences through music, science, and art, and also frees them to investigate the world through play.

Trinity promotes a positive climate for learning, by helping children to establish constructive relationships with adults and children. The teachers support new friendships and provide opportunities for children to learn from each other as well as from adults. We help our students develop self-awareness while learning to respect others in their community. We emphasize the importance of working together as a group, and communicating our needs verbally. By the end of the school year, our youngest students have truly begun to grow into their own unique selves and are ready to conquer the next step in their pre-school education.

Three Year Old Program


For many students, our 3 Year Old’s Program is their introduction to schooling. For some, they are continuing the practices they’ve learned in ToddlerGrow. Trinity Day School’s program for three year olds is a gentle introduction to the more structured expectations of preschool. A daily routine is established while we encourage the curiosity and individuality of each student. In this program, the focus is still mainly placed on social and behavioral growth. We learn to respect other people and objects while also respecting ourselves. There is an emphasis on issues relating to social interaction like sharing, using one’s voice to express one’s self, learning self-control, following directions, and developing self-help skills.

The curriculum includes more academic pursuits as well. We practice name recognition and tracing, recognition and use of common sounds, number recognition through projects and circle time calendar discussion, making observations and drawing conclusions, increasing our perception through sensory experiences, among many other things. We work on improving our fine motor skills through attention to pencil grip, cutting skills, coloring, and tracing. By the end of the school year, students are ready to embark on Pre-K classes. Those who may still need more time in preschool might consider a slower progression into the Pre-K programs by beginning with the 3-Day Pre- K Program for one year, followed by the 5-Day Pre-K Program the following year.

The 3 Year Old’s Program is available in a 2-day per week (Tuesday/Thursday), or a 3- day per week (M-W-F) schedule, allowing for the proper adjustment to school for your child.



In the Pre-Kindergarten classes we focus on five key content areas:

  • Social and Emotional development

  • Pre-Writing skill development

  • Math Readiness (sorting, patterns, beginning addition)

  • Reading Readiness (letter recognition, phonetics, word families, rhyming, sequencing, positional words)

  • Fine and Gross Motor skill development

These skills are celebrated through fun-filled activities throughout the school year (creative art projects, 100th Day of School Celebration, Dr. Seuss Day, journal-writing, etc.).

Trinity Day School provides two different schedules for our Pre-K programs: a 3-day program and a 5-day program. Both programs are designed to prepare the student for progression into the district’s Kindergarten program. The 3-day program is organized to ensure that all age appropriate curricular benchmarks are met just as they are in the 5- day program. As an option for those children who may need an extra grow year, we may suggest the 3-day program for one year, followed by the 5-day program the following year. This option can be discussed with your teacher during the 3 Year Old Program.

The Pre-K programs foster a “love to learn” in our children. This is reinforced through lessons and a classroom in which the child’s feelings and ideas are respected. The curriculum is a combination of structured activities and free time. While studying, we use an integrated approach to the learning of phonics, and letter and number recognition. Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills are developed and strengthened through activities like coloring, cutting, tracing, painting, working with clay and other artistic projects. We encourage and reinforce good citizenship, self-expression, and cooperation. Social interaction is continual in the class through group play, circle time, snack, and show and tell. To inspire and support positive self-image, each child has many opportunities to be a “leader.” The children look forward to their turn and confidence builds as the year progresses.

In the 5-day program, two classrooms are utilized. The use of two rooms enables us to work individually with your child, or in small groups. In these classrooms, we implement learning centers for the children -- something that they will encounter in Kindergarten as well. These centers invite children to “play” with things that are age, individual, and group appropriate. The materials allow for children to learn, explore, and interact physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Learning centers are more than an engaging way to teach and learn. By offering a variety of activities and projects that draw on different strengths, learning centers help give all students a chance to learn in a way that best suits them. Learning Centers:

  • Writing/Drawing Center

  • Library Center

  • Block Center

  • Dramatic Play Center

  • Art Center

  • Computer Center

  • Manipulative Center

  • Science/Math Center

Every month we will focus on a different thematic unit and incorporate that theme into the centers. Many themes celebrating the seasons are studied, and we explore related subjects such as spiders, owls, birds, hibernation, holiday themes, and community helpers. We watch butterfly metamorphosis and identify animal tracks. Both Pre-K programs are focused on the support of your child’s learning and not only on the preparation for kindergarten, but for all the years beyond.