Amy Killough

Mrs. Killough has been teaching at TDS for twenty-two years. She teaches our 3 Year Old's programs. Mrs. Killough is also our primary afternoon teacher for extended-day. A long-time resident of Solebury and graduate of NHS, Mrs. Killough has grown up and raised her own two sons in the NHS District. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Temple University. Her enthusiasm to teach and adaptability to differing needs makes her a treasured member of the staff.



Mindy Alvare

Mrs. Alvare has been teaching at TDS for twenty two years. She graduated from Penn State with her Bachelor of Science in Special Ed. She taught at Elwin Institute and Woods Schools, taught special ed in the Philadelphia School District and was a math specialist in North Penn School District. Her background in special education and integration of various approaches to preschool education (Montessori, Waldorf, etc.) make her a truly gifted teacher. She teaches our three-day PreK class making her a fantastic educator for those preparing to enter kindergarten and those looking for a transitional year between 3's and the 5-day PreK. Her focus on nature is something that TDS alumni remember forever.

Mrs. Alvare retired in June 2018 and we thank her for her many years of wonderful education and friendship.

Sue Siano

Miss Sue is our ToddlerGrow teacher. Her happiness and smile are a great introduction to every day of school. She has been with TDS for 8 years. After getting her Associates Degree in Business from BCCC, she worked in the corporate world in banking and management. When she became a mother, she immersed herself in early childhood education. She has been with TDS as a parent, sub, aide and teacher. She is the mother of two teenage daughters and still takes them on amazing adventures. Miss Sue cares for and nurtures the growth of our youngest students. Her knowledge of Disney facts and trivia helps her on a daily basis.

Stacey Morrin

Mrs. Morrin teaches our 5 Day PreK program. She has been involved with Trinity Day School for twelve years and has been an active parent (her three children attended TDS), ran a very successful Parents' Committee for 4 years, has served as an aide, a sub, and a teacher of the 3 Year Old's program. Her great organizational skills and creative approach to learning allows the children to maximize their learning time and learn concepts in multiple ways. Prior to her work with Trinity, Mrs. Morrin was a kindergarten teacher, and a Title I teacher. She graduated from Long Island University with her B.S. in Elementary Education.


Stacy Morris

Mrs Morris has been with TDS for eight years. She is teacher of our 3 Day PreK class. She began her relationship with us as a parent when her two children were students. As her interest in early childhood education grew, she became an aide, and then a substitute, before being hired as a teacher for the 3's and 4's programs. Her background as a WVU English Literature graduate makes her a great teacher to inspire both a love of reading at an early age and interest in letter development on the way to becoming beginning writers.


Christine Antell

Miss Chris is going into her sixth year with Trinity Day School. This will be her second year teaching 5 Day PreK. She has also been an amazing aide for PreK, and our ToddlerGrow class, is an afternoon teacher, acts as a substitute teacher when needed, and is a true superstar. Her compassionate care of the students helps them with the transition from home to school. Miss Chris loves to be on the children's level and play with everything from cars and play-doh, to hide & seek and sandcastles. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Delaware Valley University, and has three children of her own.

Jessica Williams - Director

Jessica's relationship with Trinity began when her oldest daughter entered ToddlerGrow. She has been involved with TDS for four and a half years while both children grew through the school. She was an active room parent, co-chair of the Parents' Committee for a year and a half, a member of the Day School Board, and Interim Director before being selected to act as Director. Jessica grew up in the NHS District, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Religion from Princeton University, worked as Asst. Director of Admissions for the Art Institute of NYC, and has worked in customer service for years. Both her sister and her spouse attended TDS as children and remember their time here, years ago, fondly. It is Jessica's desire to ensure that future generations of TDS alumni look back on these first years of education and recall them as magical and happy times.